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Pure Pashmina Wool Changthang Meadows, Stoles


Known as the worlds finest fabric, thats as light as a feather with the warmth of a fire - those who adorn one, are no less than the royals of yore. Classic, is all that it is. Drape it across your shoulder, back to forth or forth to back, as per your bejewelled assembage and stun the world with your inimitable charm and humility. Pure, natural, eco friendly and carbon neutral, each piece is hand spun, hand woven, organically dyed and really rare, as it takes almost an entire winter for one family to thread just one piece, never to be made again. Hand spun by highly skilled weavers down generations, adorned by kings, queens and nobles, it carries even today the stamp of envy. The real thing for the connoisseur, from the ramparts of paradise on earth. Click below to reveal the mystery of the misconceptions of Cashmere versus Pashmina.

Misconceptions of Cashmere versus Pashmina (Read the history of this misadventure) :

Cashmere is blended wool and is misleading. The original soft pashmina fiber comes only from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus (pashmina Changthangi goat) from the Himalayan regions in and around Ladhak, in Kashmir, which naturally sheds its winter coat every spring, producing just 3 to 8 ounces (100-250 grams) of wool per goat.

Due to its extremely low availability and its very short length of just 28-35 mm it could never be spun on machines and till today, is only loomed by hand by highly skilled artisans from that region. Yet, so fascinated by its supple texture and warmth, the fiber was first brought to Europe by the British who wished to replicate its splendor by using additives like binders to blend it with longer coarser goat wool fibers (60-75 mm) so as to be able to spin the wool on their existing woolen and worsted spinning machines.

In reverence to, or perhaps poach on its origin, they named this blended fabric Cashmere just the way they pronounced Kashmir. As good, or blended as it is, it remains unrivalled to the real thing pashmina. So the next time you read 100% Cashmere, know that it is 100% blended wool! 

handspun premium cashmere
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