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Bhagwan Nitananda Ganeshpuri Shrine, Blessed Pendants.


From the abode of Bade Baba's samadhi shrine at Ganeshpuri, India, this pendant blessed in His shrine, is alive for invoking His grace and protection, wherever you are, at home, work, or just travelling. Gift this most precious blessing to yourself and your loved ones.

Bhagvan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, lovingly known by millions of devotees as Bade Baba, is the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. The very source of the foundation of Siddha YOGA, he remains the bestower of spiritual awakening and granter of all boons to anyone who seeks His blessings in complete surrender. These sacred pendants carry the live energy of your beloved Bhagvan Nityananda and must be regarded with reverence. While the pendant may be adorned around your neck, wrist or even in your purse/wallet, it is recommended to remove it from yourself, during physical proximity.

handspun premium cashmere
handknit cashmere beanies
vegan silk stoles
pure cotton sarongs


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