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Sacred Padukas ( Sandals ), Metal Alloy


The divine feet of the Lord also referred to as the Lotus feet of the Lord or the Guru are symbolically represented by their sacred sandals/padukas.
Through the ages, seekers have worshipped the sandals/padukas as the very essence of their beloveds presence, seeking their grace and wisdom. As per the Kularnava Tantra (an ancient Hindu scripture), the Lord/Gurus sandals provide protection against great disease, great disturbances, great evils, great fears, great calamities, and great sins.
Hand made and molded in bell metal/alloy, these sacred sandals/padukas are for your place of worship, thereby invoking the presence of the Lord/Guru you revere.
Gift these sacred sandals/padukas to yourself or your loved ones and invoke the compassion and protection of your Lord/Guru.

The greatness of the divine sandals have been sung by a succession of poets over the centuries such as the Paduka Sahasram, literal meaning 1000 verses on the padukas of the Lord, a devotional poetry extolling the virtues of worshipping the Padukas by 

Vedanta Desika of the fourteenth century, or for that matter Adi Shankaracharaya who wrote the "Guru Paduka Panchakam" as salutations to his Guru, the Lord. The presence of the sacred padukas in temples and homes across the world amongst spiritual seekers speaks volumes towards their belief in the power of their Lord / Gurus presence and blessings.
Below the Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, there lays a highly revered throne that is adorned with the foot prints of the Buddha. In the Ramayana, Bharat, Lord Ram's half brother placed the Lords sandals / padukas on his throne, while the Lord remained in exile for 14 long years.
However much may be written, is not enough, on the sacredness and reverence of the Lord / Gurus, sandals / padukas

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