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Pure Muga Silk Vegetable Dyed, Hand Painted Hangovers


Toss it across your back and let it hangover your shoulders. Just fun draping it any which ways, on casuals or formals. Be who you arecool, chic and haute. Handspun, handwoven and hand painted in pure muga silk, made piece by individual piece, so no other, can be like you. Eco friendly and carbon neutral, this collection is of Master craftsmen from the recesses of east India where finishing just one hangover can take over 6 weeks.

From the humble beginnings of the call of Mahatma Gandhi began a movement of self-sustainability, dignity of hand work and inclusive growth. A movement of epic proportions. A movement called khadi. A hundred years on, millions of hands in unlit hamlets across the gut of India sustain the spirit of this movement, spinning the magic of yarn into awesome fabrics, in pure warm wool, incredible silks and baby soft cottons. Ecologically and ethically aligned, khadi upholds the spirit of reducing our carbon foot print where the use of low, or no energy alternatives, is its mantra. Anything that you may adorn will not only add to the pride of your collection, but fuel the fire of an artisan's home and help make our world a better place for all.

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