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Handwoven Kantha Stitch, Pure Tussar Silk Hangovers


Toss it across your back and let it hangover your shoulders. Just fun draping it any which ways, on casuals or formals. Be who you arecool, chic and haute. Snuggle into them by yourself or with a friend, if you so like. Hand stitched in pure tussar silk, made piece by individual piece, so no other, can be like you. Eco friendly and carbon neutral, this collection is of rural women from West Bengal in Eastern India where finishing just one hangover takes over 6-8 weeks.

Kantha is an indigenous household craft, made by rural women in West Bengal. A specialty of Bolpur/Shantiniketan it is considered as the most creative of all embroidery styles in this part of India and traces its origin to not less than a thousand years. A real Kantha is able to narrate a story and is made out of used materials such as old borders, motifs etc., and is considered as the first recorded 'art of recycling fabrics' in the world. The stitching patterns of Bengal Kanthas are simple, but can be very intricate, characterized by the pattered running stitch. Even today, the craft is being practiced by millions of rural women as a means of livelihood, which holds a strong cultural and social significance particularly amongst the Bengalis.

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