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Handknitted Soft & Warm Socks in Pure Sheep Wool, Frosty Black


Hand dyed and hand knitted in pure wool by women living in the cold deserts of the himalayan region. All aligned to nature and made with pure love.

The women of Ladakh have been dexterous with their knitting skills down generations. From tending to their herd of sheep in the upper valley of the Himalayan region of Ladakh, to cuddling into the candle lit warmth of their tiny homes for most of the year, they continue to sustain their living by spinning balls of pure wool, natural hand dying and hand knitting amazingly simple baby soft socks, just the way grandma once did.

It is quite inconceivable to imagine what the artisan puts in, just to knit one pair, but what you certainly will get, is the warmth of her loving heart. Living well and living full is great, but supporting the livelihoods of those who unknowingly sustain our ecological balance, is awesome.

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