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Handblown Glass Beads, Primroses Aqua Blue Bangles


So simple yet so pretty, these bangles are made of blown glass beads. The dexterity of the women folk who string each piece together is awesome, hand-holding each bead and creating flower upon flowerjust visualizing their workmanship is worth a 1000 flowers! Add the joy of colour to your life.

Whats the big deal about a glass beaded bangle? The skill and art of blowing glass into varied forms, colors and hues is nothing short of mesmerizing. Be it Murano or just an unsung artisan in the recesses of the gut of India, their dexterity, literally, cant find a match. Tiny glass beads, the size of a sesame seed, are made one bead at a time, with a gas blower, a brass wire, a glass rod and of course a master craftsman, leaning over a blow flame, rolling and threading bead by individual bead, endlessly. Hand piercing each bead and drawing it into a craft remains yet another skill, largely carried out by the women folk. It takes more than 500 beads to form a bangle and more labor than can be imagined, given the creative balance of color and design that goes into each creation. Wearing one of these would only swell the pride of these artisans, for recognition of their unsung talent and a means to their livelihood. For you, its a fashion flaunt, but yes, with a conscience.

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