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Hand-stitched Jodhpuri Multi Hued Slip-Ons, in Pure Leather


Handmade in pure sheep leather, hand dyed and embroidered by local artisans from the deep deserts of Rajasthan. All eco friendly and carbon neutral, as no power or machines are used. Step up and step out, carbon free.

Made originally to insulate the wearer from the scorching heat and rough terrain of the desert region, they were constructed in thick layers of vegetable tanned leather, glued together and stitched with cotton thread. And then again, embellished with gold and silver weaves to patronize the royals. Punjab too created its own variant of jooties that reflected the status and power of the wearer.

The trade thrives on cheap imitations, while the originals are rare and hard to find, as most of the skilled artisans lay buried in the dunes of time. Yet, the few that exist are being harnessed to save the tale from extinction. You may well be one of the few, who may walk the legend into the future.

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