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Cruelty Free - Vegan Silk Vegetable Dyed, Handwoven Stoles


Accessorize your cool attitude with a range of inimitable handmade kotpad stoles, each just one of its kind. What is sold cant be reproduced. Go ahead, brag about your stolens. This pure tussar silk, vegetable dyed collection is from the cottage weavers of Odisha, each unique in their own local inspiration of bygone eras. Eco friendly and carbon neutral, add substance to your stature.

Situated in Koraput district of Odisha, Kotpad hand wovens are a vegetable dyed fabric hand loomed by the tribal weavers of Kotapad in cotton and silk, down generations. Families in unlit hamlets painstakingly construct this unique fabric by spinning yarn, extracting color dyes from roots of trees and then looming yardage in designs that are typical to their tradition. As the dyes used are virtually from a single source, the color-ways remain limited. Yet, towards this cause the products are all natural, eco friendly and carbon neutral.

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vegan silk stoles
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