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Pure Silk Brocaded Indigo, Ladakhi Capes (Boks)


Traditionally known as boks, these capes are even to this day part of the attire of the Ladakhi women folk. Hand stitched in stunning brocaded work, they could make a great sling over on tall boots and a polo, or perhaps that historic Alice in Wonderland innocence. Choose your day and blaze your presence, either way.

Much like medieval Europe, the cape even in remote Ladakh emerged as a fashion accessory that added just that flourish to the moment, reflecting an attitude of gracefulness and charm. Adorned at times of celebration, this heavily brocaded cape, hand spun in silk makes a strikingly differentiated statement that will have the assembly floored. Shakeup your world with this never-to-be-found again, accessory.

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