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Blessed Sri Krishna, Banke Bihari, Pure Marble. Attain Peace, Bliss & Freedom


This sacred idol with all its blessings is alive for invoking his grace in your very own sacred shrine at home or work. Gift this most precious blessing to yourself and to those you love.

One of the most revered shrines of Lord Krishna in the world; Sri Bankebihari epitomizes eternal loving devotion and is the benefactor of bliss and peace to its devotees. It is believed that the deity emerged as a blessing in the 1500s to Swami Haridas, guru of Tansen, in Nidhivan, where Lord Krishna played as a child over 5000 years ago. Replicated in white marble, crafted by hand and hand colored, by temple artisans from Rajasthan, it has been blessed at his very feet in his shrine at Vrindavan.

handspun premium cashmere
handknit cashmere beanies
vegan silk stoles
pure cotton sarongs


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